Peru Passes

For more information and photos of passes we have cycled in Peru, please click on the pass names in the table.

Pass Name Altitude Department
Abra Azuca* 5,130m Apurimac
Abra Loncopata* 5,119m Arequipa
Abra Arcata* 5,101m Arequipa
Abra Huarcaya* 5,057m Arequipa
Abra Culipampa* 5,024m Arequipa
Abra Quenco* 5,020m Arequipa
Abra Huacullo* 5,016m Apurimac
Abra Condorillo* 4,993m Arequipa
Punta Pumacocha* 4,990m Lima
Punta Caudalosa Chica* 4,990m Huancavelica
Punta Yahuarcocha 4,980m Huancavelica
Abra Huayraccasa 4,976m Huancavelica
Abra Achallaque* 4,962m Arequipa
Pastoruri 4,955m Ancash
Abra Ritipata 4,947m Ayacucho
Abra Viraco* 4,940m Arequipa
Abra Rapaz* 4,937m Lima
Punta Ushuayca 4,930m Lima
Punta Olimpica 4,890m Ancash
Abra Patapampa 4,889m Arequipa
Abra Antacassa 4,881m Lima
Abra Chonta 4,880m Huancavelica
Abra Huamanripa* 4,879m Ancash
Abra Ares* 4,871m Arequipa
Abra Tolconi* 4,860m Arequipa
Punta Chucopampa 4,858m Lima
Punta Chanca 4,847m Lima
Abra Canchenita* 4,827m Cusco
Punta Seis Lagos* 4,826m Lima
Punta Fierro Cruz 4,823m Lima
Punta Huarapasca 4,815m Ancash
Abra Tisco* 4,813m Arequipa
Abra Turpo* 4,798m Huancavelica
Paso Esperanza* 4,782m Huancavelica
Abra Antajirca 4,780m Lima/Pasco
Portachuelo de Llanganuco 4,767m Ancash
Abra Mio 4,764m Lima
Abra Apacheta 4,762m Ayacucho
Paso Don Mario* 4,758m Lima
Paso Carhuapata* 4,752m Huancavelica
Abra Toroya 4,750m Puno
Abra Alpamarca 4,711m Junin
Abra Suijo 4,706m Lima
Abra Jachaña* 4,702m Cusco
Abra Llamaorgo 4,700m Huancavelica
Abra de Viscos 4,695m Arequipa
Abra Yanashalla 4,689m Ancash
Abra Llullita 4,658m Apurimac
Abra Anabi* 4,654m Cusco
Cuncush 4,610m Ancash
Abra Contonga* 4,588m Ancash
Abra Viñas* 4,547m Huancavelica
Paso Pacomayo* 4,544m Lima
Abra Mañazo* 4,515m Puno
Abra Tucuccasa 4,496m Ayacucho
Tunel de Kahuish 4,470m Ancash
Abra Progreso* 4,452m Apurimac
Laguna Llaca 4,450m Ancash
Abra Jayuri 4,395m Ayacucho
Abra Putongo* 4,349m Ayacucho
Paso de Mojon 4,291m Ancash
Laguna Rajucolta 4,278m Ancash
Yantahuain 4,231m Ancash
Punta Callan 4,228m Ancash
Laguna Paron 4,200m Ancash
Alto Apachita* 4,192m Puno
Abra Huactapa* 4,181m Arequipa
Conococha 4,117m Ancash
Pupash 4,060m Ancash
Abra Acopunco 4,042m Cusco
Abra Millamar 4,003m Apurimac

* For these passes we couldn’t find a local name, so just named them after the nearest village/hill/mine/natural feature. If anyone knows the real names, please contact us.

Other Passes
These are some of the more well known passes we are aware of in Peru, but which we haven’t personally cycled. Please contact us if you have information about any others.

Pass Name Altitude Province
Abra de Anticona 4,823m Lima
Abra Antajirca 4,780m Lima

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