Abra Mañazo – 4,515m

Departamento de Puno, Peru

This is a funny old pass. The scenery on the way up from Mañazo is nice enough and on the descent there are a couple of pretty lakes with lots of birdlife. It’s the only pass on this website however where the descent is more effort than the climb. The climb up from Mañazo is very gentle – staying at around 2% for the whole 30kms – and easy. The road has sections of bad surface, but is generally not too bad. On the descent though the surface for the first 10kms is diabolical – one of the worst non-sandy roads we went on in South America – and although it was all just about rideable, we nearly fell off a number of times.

Name of Pass Abra Mañazo
Where Between Mañazo (32kms) and the Santa Lucia turn-off (25kms) on the old Puno-Arequipa road
GPS Co-ords 15.8939 S, 70.4875 W
Altitude 4,515m
Amount climbed 625m (all on ripio) in 4 hours from Mañazo

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