Abra de Viscos – 4,695m

Departamento de Arequipa, Peru


It’s a long old climb out of one of the world’s deeper canyons to get to this pass, but it’s possible in a long day from Cotahuasi. Enjoy looking around at the spectacular views as you chug uphill – the gradients are always gentle and the surface is either very good ripio or tarmac. The pass goes over the flanks of Solimana, so there are good views of this mountain once you climb over the lip of the Cotahuasi valley at about 4,000m. Near the pass Coropuna comes into view.

Name of Pass Abra de Viscos
Where Between Cotahuasi (43kms) and the junction to Viraco (19kms)
GPS Co-ords 15.3278 S, 72.8456 W
Altitude 4,695m
Amount climbed 2,000m (1,240m on ripio) from Cotahuasi in a day

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