Bolivia Passes

For more information and photos of passes we have cycled in Bolivia, please click on the pass names in the table.

Pass Name Altitude Province
Paso Sol de Mañana 4,944m Potosi
Abra Laguna Morijon* 4,901m Potosi
Abra Puca Loma* 4,804m Potosi
Abra San Pablo* 4,752m Potosi
Abra Laguna Hedionda* 4,733m Potosi
Paso del Condor 4,730m Potosi
Abra Tres Cruces 4,729m La Paz
Abra San Antonio* 4,720m Potosi
Paso Chungara/Tambo Quemado 4,686m Oruro
La Cumbre 4,671m La Paz
Abra San Vicente* 4,669m Potosi
Paso Salar Capina* 4,660m Oruro
Abra Boroanza* 4,572m Potosi
Alto Tomarapi* 4,398m Oruro
Abra de Chachacomani* 4,365m Oruro
Paso Caquella* 4,351m Potosi
Abra Pucamaya* 4,288m La Paz
Abra Pacollo* 4,240m La Paz
Abra Huayllamarca* 4,214m Oruro

* For these passes we couldn’t find a local name, so just named them after the nearest village/mountain/salar. If anyone knows the real names, please contact us.

Mountains with roads up them
There are high roads on a number of Bolivian mountains, and it’s possible to cycle up some of these. Here are a selection:

Mountain Altitude road was built to / Altitude it’s now possible to cycle to Province
Uturuncu ~5,850m? / 5,775m Potosi
Acotango ~5,530m / ~5,450m Oruro
Chacaltaya (Ski Station) 5,260m / 5,260m La Paz

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