Abra Jachaña – 4,702m

Departamento de Cusco, Peru


We came across this remote pass on a back road from Espinar to Caylloma. From Espinar to the village of Tahuapalca (16kms before Abra Jachaña) the road is in good condition and doesn’t climb very much. To get from Tahuapalca to the village of Jachaña however you have to follow motorbike tracks for 29kms. There used to be an old 4×4 track but it’s now in such bad condition that vehicles of the 4 wheel variety cannot use it. As such, this is the only pass on this website that isn’t on a proper road. Some sections where the surface is at its worst on the climb are unrideable and require pushing, but descending from the pass it’s all rideable to Jachaña.

Name of Pass Abra Jachaña
Where Between Espinar/Yauri (56kms) and Jachaña (13kms)
GPS Co-ords 14.8702 S, 71.7970 W
Altitude 4,702m
Amount climbed 1,070m (all on ripio) in a day from Espinar

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