Abra Tisco – 4,813m

Departamento de Arequipa, Peru


The initial part of this climb is often on a bad surface and there are a few steep sections. There is virtually no traffic though and as the scenery is nice it’s pleasant enough. At the top of the pass there is a junction and if you go left (signposted Tisco) rather than carrying on straight to Espinar (Yauri) the road climbs a bit higher. Keeping to the main road, the descent brings you to the Condoroma dam on the Rio Colca.

Name of Pass Abra Tisco
Where Between Sibayo (25kms) and the Condoroma dam (17kms)
GPS Co-ords 15.4365 S, 71.3712 W
Altitude 4,813m
Amount climbed 920m (all on ripio) from bridge at the junction with the Sibayo-Pulpera road, in 3 hours

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