Abra Patapampa – 4,889m

Departamento de Arequipa, Peru


This pass on the edge of the Cañon del Colca may well be the highest paved pass in the Americas. The surface is excellent, there is little traffic and the gradients are mostly gentle which means that despite its height it is a reasonably easy climb. At the top of the pass locals set up souvenir stalls to sell to tourists whose buses stop for them to admire views of Ampato and other nearby volcanoes. The 1,200m descent to the town of Chivay in the canyon is fantastic.

Name of Pass Abra Patapampa
Where Between Pampas de Toccra (17kms) and Chivay (30kms)
GPS Co-ords 15.7526 S, 71.5821 W
Altitude 4,889m
Amount climbed 750m (190m on ripio) in a long morning from Chalhuanca

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