Abra Antajirca – 4,780m

Abra Antajirca lies on the road from Cerro de Pasco to the coast at Huaral. It has a small chapel at the top with no shelter, but about a kilometer to the east is a bus shelter which would be a good emergency shelter. The top section of road is heavily used by mine traffic (April 2014) but the road surface was good (graded). East of the pass, en route to Huallay, the road passes through a mine where you must check in with security. On the west side there is a fantastic descent to Huaral, following an impressive river with waterfalls, hot springs and trout farms. There is little traffic after the mine workings. The road from Acos to Huaral is surfaced.

Thanks to Phil Bennie for all information and photos.

Name of Pass Abra Antajirca
Where Between Huaral and Huallay
GPS Co-ords 11.041 S, 76.529 W.
Altitude 4,780m