Abra Huayraccasa – 4,976m

Many sources claim this pass in central Peru has an altitude of 5,059m, and that it is the highest road pass in the Americas, depending on your definition of ‘road’. But GPS and Google Earth readings show it to be under 5,000m, and there are many other motorable passes in Peru which are higher. It may well be the easiest pass of its height in the Andes however – it’s a very easy climb from Huancavelica, over Abra Chonta to Huayraccasa. The 3.5km from Abra Chonta are on a good unpaved surface and the gradients are extremely gentle.

Many people cycle up to Huayraccasa from Abra Chonta and then return to the Huancavelica – Sta Ines road, but if you actually cross Huayraccasa it’s possible to loop round to Santa Ines via Punta Caudalosa Chica and Punta Yahuarcocha, both of which are higher than Huayraccasa.

Abra Huayraccasa - my GPS said 4,976m

Name of Pass Abra Huayraccasa
Where Between Abra Chonta (3.5km) and Lircay
Climb 100m in 1/2 hour from Abra Chonta
GPS Co-ords 13.076 S, 75.027 W
Altitude 4,976m

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