Abra Anabi – 4,654m

Departamento de Cusco, Peru

A pass or not a pass? We decided that this climb up a green valley and zigzagging over a ridge just about qualified for inclusion on this list. From the south the climb is short and easy enough, though it comes on the back of a tiring few days from Arcata. Climbing the pass from the other direction would be much harder – over 1,300m from the pleasant little town of Quiñota. The surface on the south side is fine, but there are some steep sections on a bad surface on the north side in the vicinity of Mina Anabi.

Name of Pass Abra Anabi
Where Between Abra Azuca (39kms) and Quiñota (36kms)
GPS Co-ords 14.4832 S, 72.2948 W
Altitude 4,654m
Amount climbed 325m (all on ripio) from river (low point after Abra Azuca) in 1 hour

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