Argentina Passes

For more information and photos of passes we have cycled in Argentina, please click on the pass names in the table.

Pass Name Altitude Province
Abra del Acay 4,966m Salta
Paso Agua Negra 4,772m San Juan
Paso San Francisco 4,767m Catamarca
Abra del Gallo 4,694m Salta
Alto Chorrillos 4,555m Salta
Abra Veladero* 4,487m La Rioja
Abra de Sey* 4,463m Jujuy
Abra Falda Cienaga* 4,442m Catamarca
Portezuelo de Laguna Brava 4,379m La Rioja
Abra de Arizaro 4,330m Salta
Abra de Quiron 4,182m Salta

* For these passes we couldn’t find a local name, so just named them after the nearest village/mountain/natural feature. If anyone knows the real names, please contact us.
Other Passes
These are some of the more well known passes we are aware of in Argentina, but which we haven’t personally cycled. Please contact us if you have information about any others.

Pass Name Altitude Province
Abra Blanca 4,100m Salta
Paso Los Libertadores/Cristo Redentor 3,840m Mendoza

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