Abra Millamar – 4,003m

This pass is on the virtually-unused road from Chicha (on the Ayacucho/Apurimac border) to Sañayca (just off the Nazca-Abancay highway). The scenery is all escarpments and plateaus in this area. From Chicha, getting up to the plateau at 3750m is a bit of effort, but from there it’s an easy climb to the pass. The top may well be below 4000m, but our GPS gave it as being just above that mark.

Climbing above Chica

Name of Pass Abra Millamar
Where Between Chicha (20km) and Sañayca (17km)
GPS Co-ords 14.047 S, 73.752 W
Altitude 4,003m
Amount climbed 700m (all ripio) in 2 hours from Chicha