Abra Putongo – 4,349m

Coming from the north and a crossing of the Rio Pampas near Anta, this is a very long climb. Above Putongo is a reasonably steep and steady climb, then near the top are some short, very steep sections. Sticking to the main road on the descent brings you to the district capital of Querobamba (Sucre), however if heading to Chicha, Sañayca and the paving near Abancay, there is an excellent shortcut which leaves the main road 1km after the pass.

The Rio Pampas valley

Name of Pass Abra Putongo
Where Between Putongo (14km) and Querobamba (15km)
GPS Co-ords 14.005 S, 73.771 W
Altitude 4,349m
Amount climbed 800m (all on ripio) in 2 hours from Putongo