Abra Chonta – 4,880m

This pass is in the central Peruvian department of Huancavelica. It’s one of the easiest climbs we know of in the Andes if you’re coming from the town of Huancavelica – 54km of 2-3% gradients and all on tarmac. If you turn east at the junction at the top and continue climbing it’s only 3.5km to Abra Huayraccasa, which is at nearly 5,000m.

Climbing to Abra Chonta

Name of Pass Abra Chonta
Where Between Huancavelica (54km) and Santa Ines
Climb 1,250m in 4 1/2 hours from Huancavelica
GPS Co-ords 13.076 S, 75.027 W
Altitude 4,880m

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Peru Pass List
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  1. ayacucho quest - blogowa strona grelusa - 22/04/2013

    […] dalej w droge na dwoch kolkach. znow zlapalem bakcyla, bo wygrzebalem ciekawa droge przez Abra Chonta (4,875m) i Abra Huayraccasa (4,979m). rzeskie resztki powietrza, i to pustkowie mnie ciagnie jak niewiem! […]

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