Abra Ares – 4,871m

Departamento de Arequipa, Peru


This pass on the way to Arcata is good preparation for the 5,000ers to come if you’re heading for Quiñota. The climb up from Tolconi is short, easy and on a good surface. The top of the pass is on a very flat section of road – the highest point is a couple of kilometres after the turn-off to the Ares gold mine. The hulking mass of Coropuna comes into view to the south as you near the top.

Name of Pass Abra Ares
Where Between Tolconi (17kms) and Arcata (15kms)
GPS Co-ords 15.0618 S, 72.1745 W
Altitude 4,871m
Amount climbed 370m (all on ripio) from Tolconi in 2 hours

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