Paso Chungara/Tambo Quemado – 4,686m

The border between Region XV, Chile and Departamento de Oruro, Bolivia

Before cycling this we didn’t realise a main, paved road could be so much fun. With a good tailwind this was an easy climb (well, a few different climbs and descents) and the scenery around Lago Chungara is stunning. The volcanoes Parinacota, Pomerape, Huayllatiri and Acotango, the beautiful lake, the abundant birdlife… almost enough to make you forget the trucks and the terrible state of the tarmac on the Chilean side. On the Bolivian side the scenery isn’t as captivating but at least the tarmac is good, there is a hard shoulder and the descent is steep enough to allow you to go >80kph if the urge so takes you…

Name of Pass Paso Chungara/Tambo Quemado
Where The Chile/Bolivia border on the main Arica-Patacamaya highway
GPS Co-ords 18.2847 S, 69.0748 W
Altitude 4,686m
Amount climbed 875 m (all on tarmac) in a few hours from the junction with Ruta 23

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