Paso Salar Capina – 4,660m

Departamento de Potosi, Bolivia

Northeast of Laguna Colorada there is a climb to over 4,500m before descending to the mining camp at Salar Capina. After skirting the edge of the Salar for a while the climb to the pass begins – initially steep it slackens off as you near the top. Descend down a nice valley, but on a rubbish surface, to Villamar.

Name of Pass Paso Salar Capina
Where Between the mining camp at Salar Capina (16kms) and Villamar (22kms)
GPS Co-ords 21.8970 S, 67.5422 W
Altitude 4,660m
Amount climbed 600m (all on ripio) in ½ day from Laguna Colorada

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