Abra Huayllamarca – 4,214m

Departamento de Oruro, Bolivia

A small but defined pass through the Serrania de Huayllamarca on the quiet road from Turco to Eucaliptus. The scenery is much greener than anything on the altiplano to the west and reminded us a bit of Scotland. Added to this we crossed the pass on a dreich day and when it started snowing as we neared the top of the pass it was even more reminiscent of the Highlands. The descent to Chuquichambi is on a lovely road with plenty of switchbacks.

Name of Pass Abra Huayllamarca
Where Between Choquecota (21kms) and Chuquichambi (11kms)
GPS Co-ords 17.9639 S, 67.8182 W
Altitude 4,214m
Amount climbed 400 m (all on ripio) in a few hours from Choquecota

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