Departamento de Oruro, Bolivia

If cycling your bike up dead end mine roads to set up camps from which to climb high volcanoes is your kind of thing, then you might just like Acotango. The mine road is accessed from the Chachacomani – Tambo Quemado road and is used by 4x4s up to 4,900m as the sulphur mine on the mountain is due to be reopened and work is being carried out to erect some buildings at this height.

The road becomes steep above 4,800m but the surface is in ok condition to 5,250m, above which it deteriorates. Very strong cyclists might be able to ride a lot of the way up to nearly 5,500m, and though the road continues a bit higher it is unrideable above this altitude. If you want to climb the volcano it makes more sense to stop and make a base camp at around 5,100m then hike up to the 6,059m summit from there.

Update October 2014: The road has now been extended, and is currently in good condition all the way to 5700m! Exciting news!

Name Acotango high point
Where Parque Nacional Sajama
GPS Co-ords 18.3648 S, 69.0465 W
Altitude 5,509m (we stopped here, the unrideable track continues a bit higher)
Amount climbed 1,030 m (all on ripio) in just over a day from Sajama to base camp at 5,060m (loaded).
A further 450m (all ripio) unloaded in 1 ½ hours from there to the high point.

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  1. Eryck 12/11/2013 at 02:25 # Reply

    What a great website!!! Lots of info. Well done!

  2. Stefan Stuntz 03/10/2014 at 14:15 # Reply

    Cycled and climbed Acotango Sep 30th 2014. There is a new and very smooth road all the way up to 5700m. Perfectly rideable, no pushing whatsoever. Pictures here:

  3. Neil 03/10/2014 at 14:43 # Reply

    Cheers Stefan – always good to get exciting updates like that! The road looks like it’s in great condition!

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