Chacaltaya Ski Station – 5,260m

Departamento de La Paz, Bolivia

An amazing day cycle from La Paz up to the old ski station at Chacaltaya. At 5,260m this may be the highest place a standard car can reach in the Americas. The views from the ski station are stunning – Huayna Potosi, Mururata and Illimani in the Cordillera Real, La Paz and El Alto to the south, and if you look hard enough a tiny bit of Lake Titicaca can be seen to the west. If you still have the energy when you make it to the ski station you can climb up on a path the 100m or so to the top of Cerro Chacaltaya. For the well acclimatized, this is a long, but not overly strenuous day trip on unloaded bikes.

Name of High Point Chacaltaya Ski Station
Where 38kms outside La Paz
GPS Co-ords 16.3539 S, 68.1318 W
Altitude 5,260m
Amount climbed 1,760m (1,200m on ripio) in 5 hours from La Paz

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Bolivia Pass List
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