Abra de Sey – 4,463m

Provincia de Jujuy, Argentina

Heading south on RN40 from the village of Sey the road passes near some canyons which are reminiscent of the Tres Cañones in Peru, only in miniature. On the descent to Ruta 51 (the way over the Paso Sico) the road passes under La Polvorilla viaduct – an impressive engineering achievement from the 1930s.

Name of Pass Abra de Sey
Where Between Sey (18kms) and Ruta 51 (27kms) near San Antonio de los Cobres
GPS Co-ords 24.0881 S, 66.5123 W
Altitude 4,463m
Amount climbed 1,260m (1,220m on ripio) in 1 day and 2 hours from Susques

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