Abra Taapaca – 4,802m

Region XV, Chile

One of our favourite passes, and a beautiful cycle from the tiny hamlet of Alcerreca. First comes a descent of 350m into the stunning Quebrada Allane, a ford of the river at 3,600m, before beginning the continuous climb up to the pass on the slopes of Volcan Taapaca. Initially the climb is gentle, but higher up there are a few steep kilometres. At the top of the pass are two, greatly exaggerated, ‘5,250 msnm’ signs.

Name of Pass Abra Taapaca
Where Between Coronel Alcerreca (30kms) and paved Ruta 11 (15kms) east of Putre
GPS Co-ords 18.0972 S, 69.5421 W
Altitude 4,802m
Amount climbed 1,210 m (all on ripio) in a day from Alcerreca

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