Abra Mina Maricunga – 4,561m

Region III, Chile

This pass is located in the large Mina Maricunga gold mine and is the only one on this list that you cannot actually cycle over – mine security do not allow it. We’ve included it though in the unlikely event that rules change and it is possible to cycle it in future. After a slight climb from Laguna Negro Francisco you reach the entrance to the mine at 4,220m. Here we had to register then wait for a camioneta to be found to take us (with bikes on the back) through the mine. We were dropped off at the exit to the mine at 4,470m, from where it is a scenic descent down a colourful valley to La Guardia.

Name of Pass Abra Mina Maricunga
Where Between junction near Laguna Negro Francisco (about 11kms) and La Guardia (about 63km)
GPS Co-ords 27.5589 S, 69.2495 W
Height ~4,561m
Amount climbed 100m (all on ripio) in an hour from junction near Laguna Negro Francisco to the mine entrance

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