Paso Picavilque – 5,085m

We found out about Paso Picavilque from Georges, who cycled the road in 2009 and kindly provided us with the information and pictures for this page. Please check out his blog:

This 5,000m pass is one of the highest in Chile and can be found near the Bolivian border, in Chile’s Region I (Tarapacá). It is on the main road (contrary to what is shown on Google Earth) between Cariquima and Lirima, and is quite new and large – enough for two trucks to pass. There is no water between the two towns, and the road is very quiet with only a few vehicles. Both towns have water and somewhere to eat, and Lirima even has internet (if the power is on).

Name of Pass Paso Picavilque
Where Between Cariquima (~43km)and Lirima (~25km)
GPS Co-ords 19.7445 S, 68.7754 W
Altitude 5,085m

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