Rahue to Lago Hui Hui

Rahue – Lago Quillen – Lago Hui Hui

A short cycle up to two beautiful and quiet lakes in the northern sector of Parque Nacional Lanin. Views of Volcan Lanin are excellent from Lago Quillen and at the end of the road you’ll likely have Lago Hui Hui all to yourself.

There is a cheap campsite at Lago Quillen with a very basic shop and there are also basic shops at some of the villages on the way from Rahue to the lake. There are no amenities between Lago Quillen and Lago Hui Hui, apart from a free campsite (no facilities) on the Lago Quillen lakeshore 6kms before Lago Hui Hui.

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Distance – 40kms Head west from Rahue (840m) on RP46. This passes through a number of small villages and reaches Lago Quillen (980m) after 30kms. The ripio is in good condition the whole way. Continue a further 10kms on a smaller track in bad condition to its end at Lago Hui Hui (1,030m).
Time taken 2 hours: Rahue to Lago Quillen.
1 hour: Lago Quillen to Lago Hui Hui.
Traffic A few vehicles per hour from Rahue to Lago Quillen. Nothing from Lago Quillen to Lago Hui Hui.
When we cycled Mid December 2009.
Difficulty 1
How much we had to push on this route Not at all

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  1. Antonie 03/02/2016 at 14:39 # Reply

    In January 2016, this route was closed due to an ongoing disagreement between the National Park and the indigenous population. The tourist offices in Alumine or Junin can provide you with up-to-date information about the current situation.

    • Peter 21/02/2017 at 05:03 # Reply

      Hi Antonie,

      Do you know if this route is open again?


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