Junin to Puerto Canoa

Junin de los Andes – Puerto Canoa (Lago Huechulafquen)

A route to the largest lake in Parque Nacional Lanin, Lago Huechulafquen, in the quiet northern sector of the park. A number of hikes can be done from the lake – the guardaparques at Puerto Canoa have details. The road to the lake is in poor condition in places.

There are many campsites of varying degrees of luxury on the north shore of Lago Huechulafqhen. Some of these have restaurants and there is also a hotel/restaurant at Puerto Canoa. Bread can be bought at cottages along the route and water is not a problem to find.

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Distance – 69kms Head north out of Junin (860m) on paved RN 234 and after 4kms turn L (west) onto RP61. From here it is 65kms to Puerto Canoa (900m), of which 6kms is paved. A lot of the ripio is in quite bad condition, and some short sections require pushing.
Time taken 6 hours: Junin to Puerto Canoa.
Traffic Tourist traffic and a bus (only certain days of the week in high season) go to Lago Huechulafquen.
When we cycled Mid December 2009.
Difficulty 1
How much we had to push on this route A tiny bit.

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