Atos Pampa to La Cruz

Atos Pampa – Yacanto de Calamuchita– La Cruz

This is a nice old road in the rolling Cordoban hills which is little used by vehicles and is one of many in the region which would be excellent for mountain biking.

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Total dist. Stage dist. Description
0km Atos Pampa (~1,100m). Village. Leave paving at junction signposted ‘Yacanto de Calamuchita’.
20.7km Descend on lovely dirt road for 8kms to the Rio Santa Rosa (good place to camp). Climb for 10.8kms to the start of the paving in Yacanto, then follow this 1.9kms to the plaza.
20.7km Yacanto de Calamuchita plaza (1,150m). Touristy village with accommodation, supermarkets, restaurants.
22.0km Continue through the village, then turn off the tarmac road onto dirt 3.5kms from the plaza, at a junction on a bend by a ‘castle’. Descend then to a junction (970m) by a pylon (stay straight) 9.7kms after leaving main road. 2.7kms from here turn R at a junction (820m) near a house and a yellow painted rock. Keep L on the main track at a junction 0.3kms further on and climb steeply for a bit. Then a nice descent to join tarmac 5.8kms from the previous junction.
42.7km Join tarmac just below Embalse (dam) Cerro Pelado (690m).
25.6km Descend on tarmac for 5.8kms to turnoff R onto small disused track. Go through 3 moveable fences and pass by a lake, emerging after 3kms onto the main ripio road to La Cruz by Contraembalse Arroyo Cortoa (just by where the safety rails lining the road begin). Go R and continue on this bumpy surface for 16.8kms to La Cruz.
68.3km La Cruz. Town on main road (E61/RP23).
Time taken 5 hours: Atos Pampa – La Cruz (830m climb).
Traffic Hardly any except for around Yacanto.
When we cycled Mid March 2011.
Difficulty 2
How much we had to push on this route A tiny amount

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